Fa Friday 2 Jun 2023
Iranian Offshore OIl Company

Staff units

Information And Communication Technology Director

The most important activities of information and communication technology are including:

 Effort in building automation systems and required information networks of IOOC different levels through working with governmental agencies or dependent on the oil industry and domestic and foreign private sector.

Creating, maintenance and operation of computer centers and information networks and communication technology including optical fiber, WAN information network, LAN, Satellite communication and WIRELESS in staff field of Tehran and operational districts and oil platforms and drilling rigs which are belonging to Iran offshore oil company.

Signing purchase contracts, service and support maintenance and repairs with qualified domestic and foreign companies.

Updating systems and supplying automation systems which are required to districts units based on undergraduate studies and feasibility.

Supplying applications, system, automation applications and required hard wares of districts units.

Overall supervision and control of districts computer systems.

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