Fa Friday 2 Jun 2023
Iranian Offshore OIl Company


Planning Manager
The most activities of planning management are including:


Planning, assigning and composing line of action, goals and general plans and also production planning for short-time, mid-time and long-time periods.

Internal planning for different managements and combining and coordinating them in specific structure of strategies and determined goals.

Technical and economical investigations of executive and research designs in different rounds according to resources, facilities and company strategies.

Superintendence and conducting follow-up operations of the executive schedule and evaluating projects progress.

Editing and combining capital designs budgets.

Coordinating in programs, requirements within the enterprise for crude oil production predictions, independent and associated gas, water and gas injection to underground storages for production in order to gain goals and general line of action in offshore oil company.

Projects investigation and suggested designs from different sections in order to maintain its production and support.

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