Fa Friday 2 Jun 2023
Iranian Offshore OIl Company


Financial Affairs Manager

Financial Affairs management duty is to supervising the implementation of the financial regulation, ensuring balance budgets and local currency, planning, accounting and financial control activities and also superintending units such as budgeting and cost control, orders and contracts accounting, accounting (financial, industrial and public), treasury, document reviewing and economic surveying.

The most important activities of financial affairs management are including:

Doing necessary actions for preparing required foreign funding-Rial budget of company and dividing the approved budget according to company goals and units requirements, current cost controlling, preparation of financial statements including balance sheets, profit and loss statement, cash flow and …

Monitoring the financial progress of capital projects and creating facilities in order to capture accurate and timely resources and credits according to physical progress of projects.

Absorbing resources in different ways, bonds issued in foreign exchange and monetary, catching bank facilities and …

Insurance facilities, movable assets and company projects.

Accounting ware houses: inventory/reviewing and outdating used and old goods and property inventory controlling through mechanical property system …

Payroll Accounting: Calculation of staffs salaries and employee benefits in Tehran and operational districts.

Document Reviewing: Inspecting the final payment document, performing the necessary control over the oil ministry documents regarding full compliance enforcement rules and regulations of this country which are related to payment documents and after controlling for the final payment.

Tasks related to accounting orders and contracts accounting, ensuring the correct implementation of all administrative regulations and orders in contracts with contractors and suppliers of goods.

Commenting on contracts signification (before signing a contract), studding the significations of signed contracts and matching them with current rules and regulations.

Monitoring and evaluating contractors and approving them for payment, registration and maintenance of contractors' offices.

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