Fa Friday 2 Jun 2023
Iranian Offshore OIl Company


Technical Affairs Manager

Technical Affairs management duty is doing geology, petrophysic, drilling, storages engineering activities and taking the responsibility of constant study of storages and to prepare Master Development Plan (MDP), exploitation engineering, accomplishment and also supervising over contractors and counselors jobs, drilling and doing subsidiary services, programming and related studies in different fields.

Technical Affairs most important activities are include:

Planning, organizing, guiding and controlling drilling programs and activities, repairable, developmental and descriptive oil wells in order to gain the determined goals especially exploitation quantity and production in this era.

Planning and predicting necessities, doing different discount sales in order to supply necessary goods in drilling era and to repair oil wells.

Supervising over contractors' contracts adjustment, preparing and organizing annual budget and performing related contracts in drilling era and repairing wells.

Coordinating, programming, provision and direction of operation groups in controlling plausible outpouring wells.

Researching in order to identify and describe geological phenomenon in Persian Gulf and Oman sea area and to use it in production affair of hydrocarbon resources.

Preparing forecasting reports, controlling and directing drilling oil wells (vertical, digressive, horizontal) in production fields from seabed to depth end.

Obtaining core services (full of rocks sample) and analyzing it in order to assign reservoir rock properties and logging of drilling mud (within the drilling descriptive wells).

Optimizing the quality and quantity of activities in logging operations segment and petrophysic studies in order to enhance and maintain hydrocarbon storages production in shared and non-shared fields.

Taking all of the required diagrams of technical affairs in open and casing/lining wells in operational district.

Investigating achieved data from logging operations in operational districts by petrophysical evaluation software, putting in use the required environmental correction, the final interpretation, extraction of basic and key petrophysical parameters and storages modeling.


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