Fa Friday 2 Jun 2023
Iranian Offshore OIl Company


Production Affairs Management

Production Affairs management duty is to directing, transforming, producing, storing and exporting oil and gas production affairs from different fields.

The most important activities that are doing for keeping and ideal usage of facilities in offshore Platforms, Submarine pipelines, onshore facilities, storage tanks, oil export wharfs, proprietary and rental tugboats and …Are including:

Planning and Coordinating Production operations including Colleting daily, monthly and annual reports of Production and transfusion and related activities in every operational district and preparing related reports.

Planning and coordinating exporting and importing the hydrocarbon products including international necessary coordinating about investigating fulfillment or non-fulfillment forecasting of issuable crude oil production per month.

Planning and coordinating renovation including collecting requests, detailed reports and technical and expert points of view from operational districts and investigating them in line with performing construction and repairmen projects, design, supply and installation control systems and related instrumentation.

Supervising diving groups in order to visiting submarine oil transition pipelines from operational platforms to districts and also rest of offshore platforms.

Technical protection including controlling corrosion of metals and overseeing coloration projects and cathodic protection in facilities, evaluating, supplying and daily controlling of quality and consuming usable chemical materials in production affairs.

Marine operations including coordination in operation of opening and closing the export tanker terminal input, coordinating between operational islands in allocating of service and supply vessels and company required barges and tugboats also planning and coordinating the distribution and traveling back and forth of ships between regions.

Launching facilities including creating launching groups and delivery and evolution for mutual drafts of modernization projects of oil and gas fields of offshore company and to meet the proposed coordination punches in every drafts and projects and also coordinating with enforcement initiatives and managers in relation with launching projects and following obstacles

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