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Iranian Offshore OIl Company

With health instructions, we defeat the covid19

The IOOC's extensive efforts to deal with the Covid19

Since the first days of the virus's prevalence, IOOC's anti - viral campaign has made extensive efforts to counter it in the company.

Such measures include the disinfect of public places in the operation districts, Exploitation platforms and staff, equipping cleaning staff with face masks, Disinfectants and…

Training cleaning staff on health issues and the prevention methods of the corona virus, sending gloves, goggles, face masks, disinfectant, digital thermometer and … for medical staff of operation districts.

also, with the establishment of the consulting physician group at the entrance of the operation districts, platforms and staff are taken to measure the temperature of colleagues and, if suspicious, the appropriate steps are taken to send him to treatment centers. Surfaces are also sterilized every 2 hours and public places disinfect each day after the end of the hours work.

The IOOC's extensive efforts to deal with the Covid19
The company's efforts to deal with the Covid19 are observed daily
The company's efforts to deal with the Covid19 are observed daily

since the start of the outbreak crisis in the covid19 and Sending instructions by the 3rd Level committee of the NIOC, the company has held daily meetings with staff and operational managers.

With the establishment of a health strategic committee in the company, all administrative missions, conferences, training courses and … have been cancelled in the operation districts and staff.

From the beginning of the crisis, by preparing and sending health messages and educational films to employees and preparing health posters and distributing them to the company, it was tried to improve the level of employee awareness.

According to the importance of the prevention problem, measures are taken to prevent the virus from entering the operational areas; in this regard, when colleagues enter the airport, their health sheets will be checked. And also, after they reach to operation districts, their health is monitored again


Readiness to deal with the Covid19

3 weeks before the Corona virus epidemic to Iran, the IOOC therapeutic service unit has held meetings with HSE, security, service, Training units and …, on the subject of dealing with the disease and approved some points.

These include weekly meetings in operational areas, monitoring and reporting of foreign nationals with detailed statistics by the security unit, the necessity of meeting face - to - face foreign teams, the requirement to meet face - to - face training protocols to employees, to prepare and distribute a substantial number of medical masks, disinfectant, in operation districts and staff.

Readiness to deal with the Covid19

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