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Iranian Offshore OIl Company

IOOC and Importace of Environmental activities

IOOC is a pioneer in protecting the environment

Iranian Offshore Oil Company is one of the subsidiaries of the National Iranian Oil Company in the field of exploration, development, production of crude oil, natural gas, as well as transportation of crude oil, gas and products to related reservoirs and ports and loading in the Persian Gulf and the Sea of ​​Oman. It operates in coastal and offshore oil and gas fields, as well as establishing and concentrating operations in Kharg, Lavan, Sirri, Bahregan, Kish and Qeshm Districts.

Aware of the safety, health and environmental risks of the oil industry and the nature of pollution in international waters and common areas with other neighboring countries, the company always understands the need of beneficiaries and protection of production to create a safe environment and protect human lives and Supports the environment and sustainable development and the realization of social responsibilities in line with the policies and goals of the National Iranian Oil Company and the Ministry of Petroleum, and commits itself to the policy of its health, safety and environmental management system in accordance with HSE-MS The OGP states as follows.

IOOC is a pioneer in protecting the environment
IOOC is committed to compliance with safety, occupational health and environmental regulations
IOOC is committed to compliance with safety, occupational health and environmental regulations

Commitment to comply with safety, occupational and environmental laws and regulations of international, national and Ministry of Oil authorities and other accepted laws, as well as the implementation of its contractual obligations with emphasis on the future development of oil and gas fields.

Commitment to maintaining the health of employees and preventing accidents and controlling hazards and improving the level of industrial health.

Commitment to preventing environmental pollution and controlling air, water and soil pollutants at national and international levels.

Prioritizing customers in order to increase their satisfaction by emphasizing the principle of customer orientation with the cooperation of all operational areas.

Identify, assess and manage the risk of new processes, activities and plans of the organization with the participation of employees and contractors to reduce occupational hazards, environmental aspects

Environmental, maintaining production continuity and preparing for emergencies and crises.

Development and optimal use of human resources as the main business partner of the company with the aim of improving the level of knowledge, culture and general and specialized skills through continuous training, improving the level of skills and awareness of employees and supporting applied research and new ideas.


Pioneering partnership with relevant organizations and institutions and stakeholders in promoting and improving the performance of health, safety and the environment and fulfilling social responsibilities.

Requiring contractors and suppliers to comply with legal requirements and HSE regulations and to upgrade and develop their capabilities.

Development of HSE approach in optimal management of equipment and facilities in the field of coastal and offshore industries and protection of organizational assets and prevention of accidents and damage reduction.

Promoting and developing safety, health and environmental culture and education for all employees, whether formal or contractual, raising the level of skills and awareness and attracting their effective and active participation in the company's HSE programs and activities and establishing appropriate internal and external communications.

The management of IOOC, ensuring that all employees understand the policy and set goals, periodically inspects the company's safety, health and environment management system in terms of effectiveness, prevention of occupational accidents and injuries, and environmental pollution and continuous improvement. And takes the necessary corrective and preventive measures. We believe that with our increasing efforts and the promotion and institutionalization of safety, health and environmental culture, we can take a step towards continuous improvement and sustainable development.

Environmental activities

The Iranian Offshore Oil Company is committed to complying with oil production activities in accordance with international environmental conventions and protocols, maintaining the country's oil and gas reserves, increasing the extraction coefficient, optimizing exploitation methods and preventing the burning of associated gases. He has made valuable efforts in this field. Reducing the amount of effluents to 15 PPM according to the Kuwaiti protocol, as well as launching large-scale gas collection projects in the Kharg and Bahregan fields and a series of valuable actions of the company in this regard. Utilizing the NGL Sirri project with a capacity of 140 million cubic feet per day, as one of the largest environmental projects in the country's oil industry, in addition to collecting and preventing the burning of associated gas in the fields of the Iranian Offshore Oil Company and emitting several thousand tons of pollutants In the Persian Gulf, a variety of gas products are produced, including propane, butane, pentane, as well as gas condensate with economic value of millions of dollars.

And also, since 2006, the fuel consumption of Kish power plant in the amount of 25 million cubic feet per day has been provided by Kish operational area and through the associated gases of Sirri area fields. In addition to preventing the burning of billions of cubic feet of gas and environmental pollution, this measure has saved the annual consumption of more than 266 million liters of diesel on the island and has played a significant role in the prosperity and prosperity of this coral island in the Persian Gulf. Also, the volume of gas delivered by the Iranian Offshore Oil Company to Kharg Petrochemical is more than 140 million cubic feet per day, which is also converted into valuable products

Environmental activities

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