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Iranian Offshore OIl Company

IMS Policy of the Iranian Offshore Oil Company

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IMS Policy of the Iranian Offshore Oil Company

Iranian Offshore Oil Company is one of the subsidiaries of the National Iranian Oil Company in the field of exploration, development, production and processing of crude oil and natural gas, as well as transportation of crude oil, gas and petroleum products to relevant reservoirs and ports and loading in the Gulf Operates in Fars and Oman Sea.


Iranian Offshore Oil Company, as the trustee of concluding contracting, service, consulting and employment contracts, as well as the trustee of establishing, completing, developing, supervising and managing all types of facilities, tools and equipment necessary to perform the purposes and operations of the company, adheres to the following principles Its operations are located in the headquarters and operational areas of Kharg, Lavan, Siri, Bahregan, Qeshm and Kish:


  • Commitment to compliance with laws, regulations and quality, environmental, safety, health and passive defense standards of the Ministry of Oil, Energy Management and other national and regional legislative authorities
  • Conservation production of crude oil, natural gas and gas condensate in accordance with the plans approved by the National Iranian Oil Company
  • Use of appropriate and up-to-date technologies to improve the quality and quantity of the product
  • Management on the optimal use of oil and gas fields and efforts to increase extractable reserves
  • Paying attention to stakeholders by understanding the needs and responding to them honestly with the cooperation of all operational areas
  • Paying attention to stakeholders by understanding the needs and responding to them honestly with the cooperation of all operational areas
  • Comprehensive training of human resources with the aim of improving the level of knowledge, culture and general and specialized skills
  • Prevention of environmental pollution and reduction of harmful environmental effects of pollutants by creating appropriate infrastructure and using known methods to optimize energy consumption
  • Establishment of health, safety and environment management system
  • Commitment to the prevention of occupational diseases as well as the continuous improvement of occupational safety and health management performance.


  • Increase the organization's capability in terms of safety and meeting the health needs of employees


  • Provide a safe, green and vibrant work environment by promoting employee participation in quality, safety, health, environment and energy and establishing appropriate internal and external communications
  • Optimal use and consumption of energy carriers
  • Supporting design to improve energy consumption and efforts to supply and gradually replace worn-out equipment with high-energy equipment.


In this regard, the integrated management system based on the standards, ISO14001, ISO9001, ISO45001, ISO10002, ISO10015, and ISO50001 is established and its effectiveness is continuously improved.

All the subsidiary units of the company, with my support and support, are required to observe the planned arrangements in the integrated management system and expect their esteemed colleagues to take steps in the continuous and effective implementation and improvement of this system with empathy, like-mindedness and responsibility.


Alireza Mehdizadeh

Board Chairman and CEO

IMS Policy of the Iranian Offshore Oil Company

Issue date: 1398/09/20

Date: 1400/09/22

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