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Inspection, performance appraisal and grievance redressal

Inspection, performance appraisal and grievance redressal
Inspection, performance appraisal and grievance redressal
  • Supervise the proper implementation of instructions, regulations, approvals and management opinions and their compliance with the functions and manner of their implementation and prepare the necessary reports.
  • Coordination and follow-up in order to promote and promote administrative health by reforming regulations and rules by using cultural facilities and using an effective system to prevent and deal with violations
  • Examining domestic and foreign contracts in order to comply with the relevant laws and to observe cost-effectiveness and protection of the company's interests.
  • Inspection and referring to organizational units and regions to negotiate and talk with officials and employees to address problems and issues in the dimensions (technical / financial / logistics / contracts, etc.) and prepare and submit the necessary reports based on the results Undergraduate analysis.
  • Supervision and review in the process of holding tenders and auctions.
  • Evaluation, review, research and special inspections, especially in relation to financial, contractual, administrative and logistical issues, which are referred to at the request of the company's management in connection with deviations from the rules and regulations.
  • Investigating issues and problems between the company and local officials at the location of the company's production and executive activities and reflecting the results to the relevant authorities.
  • Reviewing and reviewing the referrals by the Inspection Organization of the whole country and preparing the necessary report after consulting and obtaining the opinion of the CEO.
  • Inspection and evaluation of the reasons for the delay of vessels and drilling rigs and preparation of reports to be submitted to the CEO.

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