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Iranian Offshore OIl Company

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Health, Safety And Environment Affairs Director
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    Mehdi Khatibi nik
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    Health, Safety And Environment Affairs Director
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The most important activities of health, safety and environment unit are including:

 Establishing HSE system in IOOC based on standards and related instructions, communication and cooperation with organizations and different national and international researching and commercial centers for gaining up to dating information creating data bases and presenting statistics and reporting turnovers which are related to HSE.          

Supervising over every executive, engineering, technical and operational project from basic and detailed engineering, early studies step to pre-commissioning and launching step in HSE.

Stores, buildings, places and facilities immunization, issuance of permit to work license and presenting firefighting and security instructions in IOOC central building and districts.

Timely supplying of different systems, devices, machines and facilities which are related to security and fire fighting.

Performing rescue operations, firefighting and leakage control in an emergency and analyzing the causes of accidents, explosions, fire, motor vehicle accidents, oil pouring, occupational illnesses and presenting reports with precautionary and reforming offers.

Supervising over goods and facilities purchasing process with regarding to the HSE criteria, surveying HSE set of rules of participating contractors in tenders and HSE criterion determination in signed contracts.

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