Fa Friday 2 Jun 2023
Iranian Offshore OIl Company


Engineering And Construction Vice Manager

Engineering and Construction Management responsibility is to develop new fields and updating, reconstruction of existent facilities and also to renovate and supply platforms supporting systems and operational districts.

The most important activities of Engineering and Construction management are including:

Execution and design engineering:

Coordinating and directing the projects and supervising over investigation and correction of maps and project operations in every project, doing the affairs which are related to superintendence of administrative tasks progress, preparing and adjusting required list of goods for projects, doing the affairs which are related to regulating programs and staffs jobs in projects.

Engineering and Technical Services:

Controlling the executive expenses of every project budgets and amounts of executive operations and controlling and matching payments with operations.

Collecting information for construction and building projects, road construction and airport runways. Directing research projects, instruction, design services and counseling and over sighting in different fields.

Supplying preliminary assessment and project funding and approving the final estimate and executive operations expenses, confirmation of tiny quantitative surveys and amounts of consumable materials, analysis and administrative expenses for winner determination and coordinating with oil ministry for holding discount sales, investigating and controlling and supervision over conditions and counselors and engineers fees services according to executive operations, handling proceedings and claims of contractors in relation to analysis.

Studying the description of projects and planning in order to controlling them and preparing reports of project progress.

Directing and performing development designs in operational districts and replying to plan progress.

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