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Iranian Offshore OIl Company


 Exploration Projects Management

Exploratory plans management duty is to explore natural gas and crude oil fields in the Persian Gulf and Oman sea district with using seismography, descriptive drilling, technical information and statistics.

The most important activities of Exploratory Plans management and including:

Supplying company requirements in field of geophysics information through surveying every exploratory and developmental field and district in form of planning and monitoring geophysics projects execution and preparing 2D, VSP, 3D, 4D maps (interpretation, process, explanation of seismography information) and preparing storages maps from fields and also storages exponential nature information and changes in fluid levels with help of quake information.

Field and area researching, surveying appropriate geological buildings and anticlines with carbohydrates potential and evaluating and offering them for drilling in order to increase oil production and gas and oil fields development.

Doing operational activities and wells drilling engineering.

Preparing and editing plans programs and long-terms, mid-terms and short-terms descriptive exploratory projects.

Planning and overseeing the information maintenance and inscription, supervising over projects progress, preparing timing planning and matching them with enormous production plans, coordinating with projects budget preparation and signed contracts with contractors and preparing annual and monthly reports.

Collecting and classifying all of maps and expertise reports of related units including geology, geophysics and drilling, editing documents codification systems, preparing/designing and drawing geophysical and geological maps and archive of geological core samples and thin sections, stratigraphic sections and litho logy.

Different projects researches execution and definition including modeling of sedimentary basins projects, maturation characteristics and hydrocarbon generation potential of the rock, evaluation of reservoir rocks and stones covered, finally assessing the risk and identifying the most probable locations of hydrocarbon accumulation.

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